Prices permanent Hair Removal for Men

The basis for what will be charged for your sessions begins with which area of the body you would like to target. Large areas, obviously, will run more because of the amount of real estate of skin being worked on. Our prices for each visit are listed below for your information.

area individual treatment
eyebrows42.00 €
ears27.00 €
cheeks42.00 €
face116.00 €
neck48.00 €
nape48.00 €
shoulders100.00 €
armpits69.00 €
upper arms126.00 €
lower arms126.00 €
chest116.00 €
stomach116.00 €
buttock126.00 €
groin (tanga)80.00 €
full back179,00 €
back partially116.00 €
upper legs179.00 €
lower legs168.00 €
  • 15% discount on a selection of three treatment zones
  • 20% discount for a choice from four treatment zones
  • Additional 10% trainees and students!

The advice for permanent hair removal is free.

Hair removal prices Treatment packages from several sessions, as well as treatments of part fields are set individually for a personal consultation.

Men: favorable combinations

combi­nations areas price for one treatment
combination 1beard correction (cheekbone / cheeks / temples)53.00 €
combination 2chest and stomach179.00 €
combination 3full back / shoulders / nape263.00 €
combination 4full back / shoulders / nape + upper arms336.00 €
combination 5full back / shoulders / nape / chest / stomach378.00 €
combination 6arms complete + armpits263.00 €
combination 7full body788.00 €

Our prices are incl. VAT.

Prices Laser Hair Removal for Women

Laser Hair Removal Berlin

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You can reach us:
Mo-Fr.: 9.00-19.00 Uhr

(030) 88 92 92 20

We also offer personal consultation and treatment on Saturdays or outside business hours by appointment.

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