Hair removal therapies by laser in comparison

Hair removal by laser and IPL – the difference

There are various ways to remove hair permanently. But on one side the interpretation of the word “permanently” can be very flexible; on the other side there are big differences between the various treaments of hair removal concerning their technical background.

Hair removal therapies by laser in comparison

Hence there are the classic methods of mechanical hair removal like shaving, waxing and epilation. But also modern technologies like hair removal by laser or IPL differ a lot from each other.

Both systems (laser and IPL) are working with photo energy. At first sight IPL devices are quite similar to laser devices. The differences between both technqiues lay in their speed and efficiency.

Hair removal by laser is slower

In opposition to IPL that uses a wavelength spectrum with a couple of different wavelengths at once and by that is able to be suitable for all kind of skin and hair, the hair removal by laser energy works only with one single wavelength.

Permanent hair removal by laser technology is more risky. Compared to the soft and indulgent IPL light a common laser is much more aggressive. Furthermore laser technology is not suitable for all skin and hair types.

IPL is not a dangerous laser

The optimized IPL technology is not only relatively painless but almost completely free of unwanted adverse effects. All kind of skin irritations that one knows from laser treatments (irritations or sun burns of the skin, damages of deeper layers of the skin) simply cannot happen with IPL because the density of the energy of IPL light is much lower.

Wavelengths beneath 600 nm and above 950 nm that would affect other structures and layers of the skin, are filtered out completely. By doing that, the safety of this new technology could even be more improved.

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