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IPL and other methods

Since ancient times it is well-known that a hairless body is an ideal of beauty. Till today this fact has almost remained unchanged throughout the different cultures and fashions over the centuries. There are many different methods for the permanent removal of hair.

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Mechanical methods for hair removal

The classic mechanical methods removed the hair by cutting with knives, tearing with tweezers, wax or honey masks. All those methods that are still commonly used in many parts of the world have in common that they are more or less painful and with a short-lived effect. They have to be repeated quite often and regularly.

Electric epilation and laser epilation

Modern techniques are electric epilation and laser epilation. Also those methods are inconvenient and don’t give long-lasting results. Furthermore, the risks of those methods are not small at all.

IPL for for a permanent hair removal

A much better, quicker and almost painless technique for a permanent hair removal is IPL. With a handy device flashes of a concentrated spectrum of the light are released over the body areas whose hair should be removed. The pigment of the hair absorbs the light. Its energy is instantly transformed into thermal energy and conducted through the follicle into the root of the hair. Due to the created thermal energy both the follicle and the root of the hair are decomposed. The treated hair falls out and does not grow back again.

Only a few IPL sessions later all the hair of the whole area of the body has been permanently and indulgently removed and you can enjoy the good feeling of soft, gentle and hairless skin.

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Laser Hair Removal Berlin

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