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IPL2 (Intense Pulsed Light) is a relatively new technology that allows the generation of light energy pulses. A couple of manufacturers has specialized on the construction of those systems. The qualities of those systems differ a lot and for the non-professional it is hard to tell the important differences. Therefore it makes sense to rely on clinical studies and proved research results.

Epilux sp is the next generation of IPL2 technology

Generally, you can divide the market between ”cosmetic” and “medical” IPL2 systems for permanent hair removal. Systems vary in their efficiency and quality of the therapy results. IPL Epilux SP / Ellipse is a new development of the IPL2 technology. The systems we use for a permanent hair removal in Berlin are of the latest generation of this technology. The biggest advantages of Epilux compared to other systems are summarized as follows:

Advantages of Epilux sp

The emitted light of the Epilux SP / Ellipse is generated inside a xenon bulb. It is an intense pulsed light of the whole visible light wave spectrum. The dual filter system of the Epilux SP enables us to filter out only the wavelengths that are needed for the therapy.

This extreme filtering process offers a couple of advantages compared with other systems: the focussed concentration of the light energy on the target substance of the therapy (hemoglobin, melanin, water etc.) and at the same time the exception of possible adverse effects caused by an overheating of the skin.

Video – IPL Hair Removal with Epilux sp

Efficiency – the right target chromophore

Depending on the therapy the target chromophore is either the red blood pigment hemoglobin or the pigment melanin. The so-called “Photo Rejuvenation” targets both spectrums of the light. The dominant chromophore above a wavelength of 950 nm is the water in the tissue of the skin. If an IPL system is working inaccurately and does not use the appropriate filters that put a limitation to the light spectrum then also a high percentage (up to 50%) of the light energy will be emitted in the top spectrum (between 950 and 1200 nm and above). These parts of the spectrum are not only irrelevant to the therapy but they also generate a large amount of unwanted thermal energy that heats up the water in the tissue and may cause unpleasant side effects or even severe burns. The dual filter of the Epilux SP helps to avoid that and lets pass only those light waves that are relevant for the therapy.

Safety – optimized energy instead of more energy

The dual mode filter of the Epilux systems allows a reduction of the emitted energy to a minimal amount. The energy level is much lower than with other systems (about 10-20 J/cm² instead of 30-40 J/cm²). This lower energy reduces the danger of unwanted side effects even more.

Square pulse – technology for highest safety

The emitted energy of the pulsed light of an IPL2 system can be displayed with a graph. The ideal curves are square pulses. A square pulse emits the same energy level over the whole period of the pulsation. Before and after the pulse the emitted energy drops to zero instantly. This curve, as has been said, is the ideal case. However, due to its delicate features the IPL2 technology comes quite close to this model. This offers a couple of enormous advantages for the patient:

The skin's reaction on thermal pulses is quite sensitive. Even a caloric pulse of longer than 2 ms heats up the epidermis proportionally to the emitted intensity. When the system works with a square pulse then the density of the emitted energy is constant and can be reduced to a minimum level. By doing that adverse effects caused by overheating can be avoided.

If the pulse is not a square but slowly increasing pulse then it needs a longer duration in order to reach the maximum energy level. Inevitably this causes an overheating of the skin with the according side effects.

Without the dual mode filtering system of the Epilux the emission of the IPL energy of other cheaper systems will be too long and too imprecise. This leads to a larger amount of lower wavelengths. Those waves cannot intrude the skin as deep as necessary so that the personnel is forced to increase the density of the overall energy.

How can you get as close as possible to the ideal square pulse?

Basically, there are two components necessary:

At first it needs a storage device with a sufficient capacity for the accumulated energy

and secondly a specially designed On/Off switch (that has been optimized regarding its speed) for the immediate discharge of the stored energy.

Both components are perfectly implemented in the Epilux systems. However, this also has its price when an Epilux SP is bought. But the success of the therapies and the safety that this system can guarantee to our clients are definitely worth its higher price.

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